What is Fineness of Cement?

The cement fineness test is performed to determine if the cement has been Grain properly or not.

Apparatus Required For Fineness Test

* Cement - ( IS 3535:1986 )

* IS Sieve - 90 micron - ( IS 460 (Part 3):1985 )

* Balance - 0.01 gm sensitivity

* pure bristle

* Sieve Shaking Machine (optional)

Other Accessories

* Glass rod 

* Stoppered Watch

* Pan 

* Lid

Procedure For Fineness of Cement

* Take 100g of cement and measure it as W1.

* Ensure that the cement sample is smooth and free from any lumps. Stir the cement gently with a clean rod to evenly distribute the fineness throughout.

*Next, transfer the cement sample into a 90-micron sieve and cover it with the lid.

*Proceed to shake the sieve gently for a minimum of 15 minutes.

* Finally, record the weight of the cement particles retained in the sieve as W2.

Calculation Fineness of Cement

% of cement retained on sieve = (w2/w1) x 100

W1 - Weight of cement sample 
W2 - Weight of retained cement in sieve

The fineness ratio of cement  based on the types of cement.

Ordinary Portland cement – 10%
Low heat cement – 5%
Rapid hardening cement – 3 to 5%

Test Standard Reference

IS:4031(Part 1):1996

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Fineness of Cement


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