Why Should Learn JavaScript In 2024?


Have you ever taken the time to examine your program and question why it appears this way?

If you want to be taken seriously as a developer, it is essential to have proficiency in JavaScript. It is the most widely used programming language on the internet today. The websites you frequently visit, the games you enjoy, the applications you rely on, would not exist without JavaScript.

Therefore, if you are contemplating which programming language to learn first, it is a no-brainer: JavaScript is the one.

Do you need further convincing? Below are 10 compelling reasons why it is the language of languages.

It’s free!

To start your journey to mastering JavaScript immediately, good news for you – you can kick things off right now. No unnecessary installations with JavaScript are needed. All you need is a trusted code editor and your web browser to get started.

It is beginner-friendly.

Even those who have never dabbled in programming can become a JavaScript ninja. Its syntax is so straightforward and easy to grasp that it can be picked up by beginners in no time.

It is ubiquitous.

JavaScript is akin to the English language in that it is universally understood. It is also woven into the fabric of programming. You encounter it everywhere; whether you realize it or not.

It is enjoyable and interactive.

Since JavaScript is heavily used in front-end development, you can play around with graphical user interfaces however you like. You can experiment with animations, design beautiful UIs, build games, and so on. The possibilities are endless.

It serves as a great foundational language.

To delve into more complex programming languages, JavaScript is the perfect stepping stone. Once you grasp it on a deeper level, learning other languages will be easy.

There is a high demand for JavaScript professionals.

As more and more companies go digital, there is a demand for individuals skilled in JavaScript. And as the programming language continues to evolve, the demand for JavaScript developers should continue to rise as well.

It is relatively easy to debug.

Unlike other languages, JavaScript has a quick feedback loop. Since it is built into the browser, you can run your code and get results instantly.

It is powerful.

What do Paypal, Netflix, LinkedIn, and Uber have in common? They all rely on JavaScript for their operations.

It can guide you towards a rewarding career path.

    The average salary for JavaScript developers ranges from $74,000 to $130,000 in countries such as the United States.

    It progresses rapidly.

    The JavaScript ecosystem continues to expand. There are constant advancements, indicating that there is also endless potential for growth.

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