Top 10 Cyber Security Best Companies Beginning of 2024

Cyber Security

Over the past two decades, the field of information technology (IT) has experienced significant growth. Alongside this, network security, which falls under the umbrella of IT, has garnered attention from both large corporations and individuals. Today, it stands as one of the most captivating sectors in the global workforce, largely due to the increasing number of cyber attacks. In the upcoming five years, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to soar. This brings us to the forefront of cybersecurity companies that have been leading the way since the beginning of this year. Curious to know which companies these are? Cybertech presents a comprehensive list of the top ten companies dominating the field of network security services as of the start of 2024. Without further delay, let’s dive right in.

1.Cisco System Inc.

Since its inception in 1984, Cisco has established itself as a top-tier organization globally, offering IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions. Co-founded by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, both computer scientists from Stanford University, Cisco is headquartered in San Jose, California. The company’s products and services cater to three main market segments – enterprise, service provider, and small to medium-sized businesses. Cisco has gained recognition for providing a wide range of cybersecurity services and products, such as cloud security, email security, endpoint security, malware protection, multi-factor authentication, and next-generation firewalls, among others.

2.Palo Alto Organizations (PANW)

Established in 2005, Palo Alto Organizations (PANW) offers the most comprehensive and rewarding independent security assessments in various areas such as cutting-edge firewalls (NGFW), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and more. Based in St. Nick Clara, California, the company provides advanced firewalls, UEBA, cloud security, endpoint protection, threat detection and prevention, application security, edge security, and beyond. All of these security product assessments have consistently been outstanding, including the latest Miter endpoint security assessments and CyberRatings firewall tests.

The company has continued its innovative tradition by introducing several important advancements in automated threat response, DevSecOps, vulnerability and configuration management, and other areas of digital resilience often overlooked in the detection-focused cybersecurity market. While primarily known for the strength of its security features, Palo Alto has recently made impressive strides in usability, pricing, and customer perception of value, demonstrating a company actively working to expand its customer base.


IBM, founded in 1911 by Charles Ranlett Stone and Herman Hollerith, is headquartered in Armonk, New York and operates in over 171 countries. Originally known as Global Business Machine Partnership, it was later renamed Worldwide Business Machines in 1924. IBM is a leading provider of computing infrastructure and offers a wide range of products including patch management, security analysis, fraud protection, threat intelligence, mobile security, authentication database security, mainframe security, data security, fraud protection, security integration, and more. With a strong presence in the cybersecurity industry, IBM is one of the largest employers globally. The company offers job opportunities in various fields such as automation, robotics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, web development, software development, and more.

4.Sophos Gathering

Sophos Gathering is a cybersecurity software and hardware company headquartered in Abingdon, United Kingdom. Established in 1985 by Jan Hruska and Peter Lammer, Sophos primarily focuses on providing security software to the market. The company develops a wide range of products for communication endpoints, encryption, email security, mobile security, network security, and unified threat management. Currently, Sophos extends its services and offers products to over 400,000 organizations in more than 150 countries, including Cloud Optix (public cloud visibility and threat response), Intercept X (endpoint protection with artificial intelligence), Sophos Central, Sophos Email, Sophos Mobile/Remote, Sophos Remote, SafeGuard Encryption, Secure Web Gateway, and XG Firewall (next-generation firewall).


McAfee, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a software company specializing in PC security. Established by John McAfee in 1987 as McAfee Partners, he later departed from the venture in 1994. McAfee provides advanced security solutions for consumers, small and large businesses, enterprises, and governments. The company claims to be one of the largest dedicated cybersecurity companies in the world. Some of the key cybersecurity services and products offered by McAfee include endpoint security, cloud access security broker (CASB), endpoint detection and response, data loss prevention, MVision products, ePolicy Orchestrator, mobile security, SaaS security management, SIEM, network security platform, web gateway, and more. The company has served approximately 69,000 enterprise customers across 180+ countries. McAfee offers various job opportunities in the cybersecurity field, such as cloud engineer/architect, software development engineer, web developer, and others. The company also provides job openings in areas such as administration, sales, finance, legal, and more.


Veracode, a cybersecurity company based in the US, has established itself as a leader in identifying vulnerabilities during the development phase. This allows engineers to create secure applications. With a client base of over 2600+, Veracode is responsible for building secure software and offers a comprehensive range of features including power, automation, integration, and speed. In addition to providing code analysis, Veracode also prioritizes a seamless user experience. The company has gained a reputation for providing solutions in healthcare, financial services, retail, and e-commerce. With 31 registered patents, Veracode is trusted by some of India’s largest firms. Furthermore, Veracode has released a free version of ‘Veracode Security Labs’ that is accessible to everyone.


Fortinet, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, was founded in 2000 by Ken Xie and Michael Xie and became a publicly traded company in 2009. It is an American global cybersecurity vendor that offers a platform for comprehensive testing to its customers. Fortinet is a leading cybersecurity company globally, offering various cybersecurity products such as CASB, UEBA, network firewalls, endpoint security, antivirus, intrusion prevention, network access control, web application firewalls, email gateways, unified threat management, and more. With approximately 12,000 employees, Fortinet aims to expand in the areas of Research and Development, sales, customer service, marketing, finance, operations, IT, HR, and legal.


CyberArk, founded by Alon N. Cohen in 1999, is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, U.S. The company has a total of 22 offices located in 15 different countries. Specializing in identity-centric security solutions, access management (IAM) solutions, and privilege identity management, CyberArk also provides privileged access management services to various industries such as financial services, healthcare, retail, energy, and the public sector. The company’s core services are management-focused and it offers workforce identity-based security solutions to safeguard credentials used by scripts and applications. Known for its open-source secret management software, CyberArk is highly popular among developers as a security-conscious application.

9.Trend Micro Inc.

Pattern Miniature Inc., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a renowned global network security organization. Established in 1988 by Steve Chang, Jenny Chang, and Eva Chen, Pattern Miniature specializes in providing enterprise security software for servers, networks, and cloud computing environments. The company’s security solutions for the cloud and virtualization offer automated security and are optimized for various leading platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Google Cloud, and more. Pattern Miniature is widely recognized for its advanced threat protection, IoT security, hybrid cloud security, intrusion prevention, ransomware solutions, GDPR compliance, customer protection, and more. Currently, Pattern Miniature holds the top position in the Hybrid Cloud Responsibility Security market segment. The company also offers diverse job opportunities and excellent career prospects in the field of cybersecurity, including roles such as threat detection engineer, technical writer, security engineer, security operations center analyst, and more.


The organization, founded in 2003 by Peter Bauer and Neil Murray, is based in London, U.K. Both of them are accomplished entrepreneurs, and Peter Bauer, one of the co-founders, has also received training as a Microsoft Systems Engineer.

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